Renee Groves purchased The Wool Cabin in 1997. She had always been a prolific knitter and had dreamed of the day when she could have her own yarn shop.

Renee had always been a hard worker and had raised her 4 children alone after losing her husband in an accident when her children were young.

In the early days of the shop, many in the knitting community were thrilled with Renee's vision of her own shop and she grew her business by always being "knitting friendly".

Renee truly loved The Wool Cabin and the daily interaction she had with the people she shared her wealth of knowledge with. Daily she taught and inspired as she shared willingly all she knew about knitting and handwork.

In November of 2003, Renee passed away after enduring open heart surgery, and many were left wondering what would happen to their favorite yarn shop. Suzette Cannon and Alison Barlow, Renee's daughters, decided to run the shop and realize the dream their mother had started.

Today, The Wool Cabin has a positive and upbeat atmosphere where the "knitting friendly" idea their Mom had is always first and foremost.

The shop is filled with inspiring ideas, wonderful colors and textures and always something new! Each weight of yarn is represented as well as patterns, buttons, needles and accessories.

Suzette and Alison are enjoying and learning each day as the knitting community encourages the next generation of knitters that have a dream!

Suzette is married to Paul Cannon, they have 4 sons and are now "empty nesters".

Jackson is married to Natalie and has four (4) daughters, Grace, Ella and twins girls Katie and Lyla.

Isaac lives in Southern California, Andrew lives in Salt Lake, and Will is attending UVU.

Suzette and Paul recently moved to Heber City, Utah and love their home in the mountains.

Suzette loves to run and bike and travel with her husband.

Alison is married to Al Barlow.  They have 6 children.

Zack is married to Ashleigh; Rachel is married to Dan; Garrett is a United States Marine and is currently stationed in San Diego, California. Sarah has graduated from Utah State University; Joe is returning to Utah after being in Baltimore Maryland for 2 years;  and Sam has just graduated from Davis High School. 
Alison and Al are also the proud grandparents of Nathan and Annie.

Alison and her family reside in Kaysville, Utah.

Alison loves hanging out with the grandkids, cooking dinners for the family and finds great joy in her knitting!

Alex Groves, brother to Suzette and Alison, is also an owner of The Wool Cabin. Alex is a professional photographer, and resides in Denver, Colorado.

Alex is CFO (Chief Fixit Officer) of The Wool Cabin. When Alex visits Utah we always have lots of projects for him to do around the shop. And, he's a good sport about it!! The best jobs are those done behind the scene, that everyone gets to enjoy. Thanks, Alex!!