Mystery KAL with Romi Hill

Begins April 9th from 6-8pm

Romi Hill is a master of lace and one of the most prolific designers on Ravelry. The first clue for her new Mystery KAL comes out April 6th. Join us Monday evenings at The Wool Cabin to knit, laugh and nosh together. We will be using

Marianated Yarns Scrumptious

for this KAL. You’ll need 770 yards in either solid, tonal or gradient sets. Come to the trunk show to choose your favorite colors from all the lovely yarns Marian will be bringing.  Beads are optional, but if you’d like to use beads, we have high quality Miyuki Glass Beads to choose from. 

Final week of the Mystery KAL

Thanks to our wonderful designer Mindy Ross – find her at Mindy Ross Design Group on Ravelry. 

We had so much fun and the finished shawls were beautiful! Here are some of the pics:


Mystery KAL week four!

To all the mystery knitters from the designer:  “Seeing your enthusiasm in photos, watching your faces & progress, makes me want to be right there in the thick of the MYSTERY! The excitement is contagious! Keep on solving….”

Mystery Knit Along week two!

Mystery Knit Along was so much fun week one!!

Thanks to all who participated. The pattern is so much fun; thanks to the “secret” designer for writing such a great pattern!

The Characters:

Heiress – Lovinia Stuffinsuch was the wife of a much older man. Her late husband, a wealthy Irish woolen mill owner and long time friend of Ian’s, died under suspicious circumstances several months ago. She was devastated. Scotland Yard has not ruled out the cause of his death as suicide or homicide.

Margene Dyer is an Indie Dyer. She and her sister, Lovinia, were visiting in Lovinia’s hotel room when the murder occurred. Margene is unmarried and lives alone. She is a brilliant Indie Dyer and has made a comfortable living practicing her craft. Margene was invited to exhibit her hand dyed yarn at a knitting retreat hosted by a local yarn shop.

Ginger Sweet is the Stuffinsuch children’s Governess. She claims she was knitting in the children’s room adjoining Lovinia’s when the murder occurred. She had asked for time off while in New York to attend a knitting retreat sponsored by a local yarn shop.

Elvira Mordenstien was Ian’s mistress. He had invited her to dine with him in the hotel restaurant the night he was murdered. She heard about the knitting retreat from the Sommelier at the restaurant and registered at the last minute.

Iris Green was Ian’s gardener. She had volunteered to accompany Ian to New York as his personal assistant when his valet had been taken mysteriously ill just prior to the trip. The valet was suffering from some “stomach trouble,” she told Ian.

 Claire Béarnaise is the Head Chef at the hotel restaurant. She and the Sommelier were former business partners with Ian. Claire was to cater the knitting retreat sponsored by a local yarn shop and speak on Fair Isle Knitting.

Angela Bordeaux is the sommelier at the hotel restaurant. She discovered Ian was a guest at the hotel when she was asked by the wait staff to recommend a wine to be served with his Chateau Briand. Angela was attending the knitting retreat in support of her friend Claire

Artis Higgins is a world-renown antiques dealer who frequently consults with the Met to value acquired antiquities. She runs a very successful gallery in the city in addition to her consulting business. Artis signed up for the retreat when someone told her knitting helped with stress.

Jane Libre is a professor of Knitting History at Columbia University. She is well published and an expert in her field. She is often consulted when archeological digs reveal knitted garments or fragments. Her particular interest is Fair Isle. She is attending the knitting retreat mainly to hear Claire’s presentation on Fair Isle.

Agatha Lewis has been Ian’s personal secretary and closest confidant for 20 years. She is the key player in arranging Ian’s schedule and responding to his correspondence. She was hoping to take a little time off to attend the knitting retreat.

Lois Mayne has been Ian’s publicist for the last 10 years. She was in the process of negotiating a tour for his soon to be released, “Complete History of Fair Isle.” She was hoping to attend the knitting retreat and piqué interest in Ian’s book.

Roxie LaRue is a nightclub singer in a Lower East Side Lounge. She is a sassy woman of the world who will stop at nothing to be the best. She needs funding and man candy with nice pockets to show her off to society to get ahead in the glam world of night club singing. She heard there were several high society types attending the knitting retreat and saw it as her chance to hob nob.

Kerri Underwild joined the hotel staff just this last week as the Front Desk Attendant. She is constantly getting guests names and room numbers wrong. She is very friendly and seems very quite interested in Ian and his wife. Asks a lot of questions about them and the rest of the guests and staff in the hotel. She joined the knitting retreat at the encouragement of the Marvelle the Waitress.

Phylistein Ghold is a well known philanthropist. A woman of wealth, she has her fingers in every pot. She has been an investor for Ian’s expeditions and Ian has in turn lectured and brought back artifacts of knitting history for her to display. She was hoping to meet with him while she was attending the knitting retreat.

 Francine Magilacutty, works at the hotel as a Bell Girl. She is trying to save up to go to school and make a better life for herself and her family. However, she has a gambling problem and keeps gambling it away.

Gertie Martin has been a chambermaid at the hotel for 18 years. She learns a lot about guests private lives in her role as the maid. She has cleaned Ian’s room at the hotel for years. All she will say is, “he is not all he seems.”

Kerry Thompson-O’Leary, is Ian’s wife. She has followed Ian across the globe from one adventure to another. She always supported him and encouraged him and was there for him no matter what.

Marvelle Fleetfoot is a professional waitress. She has only worked at the finest restaurants all over the world. She recently joined the wait staff at the Yarnover Arms restaurant at the invitation of Claire Bernaise, the head Chef. Marvelle first met Claire when they were in culinary school in London. A trained chef herself, she prefers the role of waitress.

Lilly Filbert is a knitting teacher for the local yarn shop sponsoring the knitting retreat. She is Francine Magilicutty’s best friend and closest confidant. Together, they know quite a bit about the goings on in Ian’s life.

Join us for this fun mystery shawl knit along! Begins on September 12th

Someone has been murdered! The murderer is someone in the group, but no one – not even Kristin or Jaki – knows who it is. Each week, get a new chapter in the project and the next chapter of the mystery. Each participant will be assigned a character. Are you the governess, the professor, the missionary, the heiress? Who committed the crime? As we knit together, we will all try to solve the mystery. The game will come to an exciting conclusion with a social event before we all attend

Opening Night of the newly released “Murder on the Orient Express.” Don’t miss it!!

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