Knit Companion by Jan Brittain

Knit Companion is a very powerful app that will allow you to put all your patterns on your tablet and never use paper patterns again.
It allows you to set up your patterns so that they are easy to follow. You can put a project in “time out” for months, and when you come back to it, Knit Companion will be right where you left it. You will be able to instantly figure out where you were and what you need to do next. If you have multiple projects going at once, this app will not waste your knitting time while you find your place when you put your knitting down.
Because Knit Companion is a full feature app, it isn’t easy to learn, but once you understand it, you’ll be able to set up your patterns in minutes. Anything you want to do with your patterns, Knit Companion can handle it. This class is taught in two 1 1/2 hour sessions.  Class Fee $40. March 4th and 11th from 11am until 1:30pm

Sanquar Gloves by Michelle Poulin-Alfeld

These elegant traditional Scottish gloves with gusseted thumb and pleated fingers use traditional two color patterns for classic cuff, wrist and hand designs.This extended workshop is designed such that knitters will complete a pair of gloves (or mitts if desired) as well as allow for future design projects using other patterns. Complete directions and charts for both right and left gloves will be provided by instructor and include a selection of cuff charts, alphabet and numbers (for initials and date) and seven traditional Dambrod alternating block patterns from which to choose. Come in to the shop to see the class samples! Three  2 1/2 hour sessions. Class Fee $75.

January 21st and 28th, February 25th.  11am until 1:30pm – Full

March 4th, 11th and April 1st. 11am until 1:30pm – Full


Finishing Workshop by Lisa Sewell

In this workshop students will learn finishing techniques for their projects: sewing seams, picking up and finishing neck edges, weaving in ends, short row shaping, button holes, kitchener stitch, correcting mistakes and many other techniques to have in your tool kit. 6 hour workshop. Class Fee $75.

February 18th, 10am until 4pm. – Full

March 25th, 10am until 4pm – Full

Two Color Knitting by Lisa Sewell

This workshop is suited for beginning knitters interested in delving into knitting with two-colors. You’ll master carrying 2 or more colors using the English and Continental methods, catching colors, introducing new colors, weaving in and splicing techniques. Learn how to do intarsia and duplicate stitch, read charts, and explore how using colors impact the structural design of Icelandic, Norwegian and Fair Isle sweaters. Two 3 hour sessions.  Class fee $75

April  1st and 8th from 2pm – 5pm


Beginning Knitting and Beyond – Lisa Sewell

6 Hours (2 sessions of 3 hours)

In this six-hour workshop we’ll cover all the basic techniques. We’ll do a sampler to learn different methods of casting on, the knit stitch, purl stitch, seed, ribbing, increasing, decreasing and binding off.  You’ll learn English and Continental methods, how to use double-pointed needles and how to correct mistakes.  The class will also cover types of yarns and needles, how to read a pattern, different styles of sweaters and the importance of gauge. The goal of this class is to provide students with a strong base and command of knitting so they are confident to begin a simple project.

Materials: #8 straight needles and suitable yarn

Class Fee $75